All full length and quality . you can touch his wides range of sounds .  includes , albums , singles , live show , collaboration , his bands as Quarts Head Conversation 02 , Travel Through Time and Texture , all as full length ! > his long Ambient music series "WHITE MUSIC" also possible !! includes 30min.~1 hour music . also long his unique ANANLOG HARDWARE LIVE set are there . > you can access his Youtube , Twitter , Band page of Facebook (Hataken page , Reality Sandwich page) and his profile . and it will be more section to get his informations . HATAKEN is a Electronic Musician / Composer . and World wide live performer since 1994 . His main feature is the LIVE liquid sounds of ANALOGUE SYNTHESIZER , analogue RHYTHM MACHINS , EFFECTS and rigs . HATAKEN ANALOGUE HARDWARE LIVE = HAHL you can access all his HAHL music too !!!! Also he is famous with his AMBIENT MUSIC , ethereal healing music , meditation music are in WHITE MUSIC series as CHILL OUT. also electronic DUB of ANALOGUE SYNTHESIZER , PSYCHEDELIC , EXPERIMENTAL music and analogue TECHNO DANCE tunes. are all sorted out in "Audio" section . His music is released as "REALITY SANDWICH" on iTunes , Beatport , Bandcamp etc . contents : Audio : access all HATAKEN's music and get latest track too ! Youtube : access his video's as music video , live video and etc . Twitter : check his latest information ! Facebook : access Hataken page, Reality Sandwich page and Pan Ambient community on Facebook . Hataken : profile of HATAKEN :) NEWS : some topics of him ." />